The 5 LESSONS In Life People Learn TOO LATE


Lesson#1: Not to walk in life (Warren Buffet)

I advise students, as much as possible, to find the job to take, if you don’t need a job. I mean, don’t walk through life, …And don’t say everything’s gonna be cool, you know, I’ll do this and I’ll do it, you know, I’m just setting time to be a lot older. I told people, this is like saving sex For your old age It is not like this, It is not a good idea.

What are you urging them to do?

– I’ll just explain what I’m talking about.

You really want to be doing what you love doing. And you can’t necessarily find it in your first job.

But don’t give up before you find it.

Lesson#2: Live life without fear (Will Smith)

– If there is one concept that I suggest to people To take a daily confrontation with, is fear.

The problem with fear is that it lies.

Right, so, fear tells you, hey, you know, If you say that to that girl, she’ll know that she has you, you know.

And you’ll never ever be attracted to you, If she knows how much you are attracted to her.

Don’t say that, no, how do we get her, it is when you walk by it, and ignore her.

– This little doll is on your shoulder.

Fear tells you like this, right?

You know for me, the daily confront with fear …it became a real practice for me about three years ago, I went skydiving in Dubai.

Skydiving is really interesting face fear, right?

I got to stand up, I got to stand up, I got to stand up.

So, all your friends, what happens is get out, How, sorry I have left something. What happens is you go out the night before And you drink with your friends, And someone said, yeah, we gotta go skydive tomorrow.

And you go, yeah, we’ll go skydiving tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah, and you go yeah, and everyone goes yeah, right?

And you go home, you by yourself, you like, they are. You like, well, yeah, I mean, they were drunk, too. – Right, maybe, maybe not, we don’t have to go, We don’t have to do that.

So, on that night, you lay in your bed, and you are terrified, keep imaginin “over and over Jump off the plane, and you can’t figure it out Why do you do that, right?

And you lay there, you have the worst night’s sleep Of your life, but you still have hope that your friends They were pissed off, right?

So, you wake up the next day, and you go, you know, And I said where you are going to meet, And everyone is there.

And you’re like, mum, it’s all right, all right, cool, cool, Cool, cool, cool, cool, right?

So, you get on the truck, and you never know your friends it was the same night that I was, because they are demonstrating They also didn’t, they’re like, yeah man, my uncle’s Navy Seal, and you know, this is going to be great, I was looking forward to this.

And I love, oh my God, my God. And your stomach is terrible, you can’t eat, and everything But you don’t want to be the only punk Who does not jump out of this plane.

So, you get there, and then you have this safety briefing, And you’re standing there and the guys tell you Well, if the chute is not open, what will happen You do – well why the hell, what could happen,

The chute won’t open, right?

So you do something, and what you do is the first jump, You hang out with the guy, who, you know, He will get you out.

So, you go, you get there and there is a plane And nobody stops. Everyone is still going So, you get on the plane, and you’re sitting there, and, you know, it’s extra because you’re sitting On the lap of some dude, some strange.

He sits on his lap, and it’s like, you know, Trying to make a little talk, yeah man, So the deal is, you’re hooking up with people all the time, huh? Right, you know, So, and then you just want to make sure, you have kids, You know you got people to see, right?

You just want to make sure it’s dangerous, right?

You get there, so it’s all normal, So it flies, rises, rises, rises, You go to 14,000 feet, and you notice a light It’s red, yellow, and green, right?

So, now, the red light.

So, that’s when you start to think, at some point the light will go green, but you don’t know What will happen, right?

And you wait and go yellow, and the light shines, And someone opens the door, And in that moment, you realize you never were Its a frickin ‘plane with the door open.

Right, horror, sorry, I’m Spiti, (Spitting) Sorry, terrorism, terror, terror terror, terror, right?

So, you go, and then, you know, If you are smart, you sit in the back So you don’t go first, right? Then people start getting off the plane. And you go, and the man walks you to the end of the thing As you stand with your fingers on the edge, And you look, down, to death.

And they say three. And they say one, two, and he pushes you two,

Because people catch three, right?

And you go, And fall from the plane, And in one second, you realize This is the most blissful experience of your life, You fly, right?

I don’t feel that falling, right, it’s like, I was actually kind of holding a little, by the wind.

Then you start, you start to fall, you fall, There is no fear.

You realize that the point of greatest danger It is the minimum of fear. It is bliss, it is bliss.

As you fly , And you do that, then 20 seconds 25 seconds 40 seconds, and you have enough time just to be like, This is that building I saw there, Oh, you can see the ocean. Well, you start doing it all the lesson for me was, Why were you scared in your bed the night before?

Why, what do you need this fear about? Just don’t go.

Why are you afraid in your country 16 hours before the jump?

Why are you afraid in the car?

Why don’t you enjoy breakfast?

What did I need for that, fear is, fear of what?

You are anywhere even near the plane. Everything arrives to exit, There is really no reason to be afraid. It just ruins your day. You don’t have to jump.

Then at that moment, suddenly, When you must be terrified, he is the most blissful Experience your life.

And God put the best things in life, On the other side of terror!

On the other side of the utmost fear he is all of the best things in life.

Lesson#3: Stop complaining! (Gary Vaynerchuk)

– What if I told you that?

It is last Monday morning Of your life?

What if I told you that you were dying this week?

Are you complaining about your job?

Or this test you don’t want to take? I doubt it.

I was going to a higher level of thinking. Well, that’s really what it takes. It takes the understanding that if it is not pumped, Now, if you grumble about what you’re about to do, If you are not looking forward to it. Look, I respect practicality.

You have to go through school because your parents want it, You have to pay your rent.

You’ve got a student loan, get it. But please acknowledge the world we live in. We live in a world where There is much more opportunity, and this is the Internet thing created a way more opportunity for each of us.

Much more. I mean look, you may not be alive Like, I was a mom and dad could’ve [ __ ], like three minutes Later on I was not even there. And you are complaining You could end up being a bus, a tree.

I don’t get the mentality of being obsessed with sadness, On Monday morning. I’m going to make my Monday morning. I’ll make you Saturday, Monday morning.

This is what I want to do every morning, This is what I want from you Please, back off and think how awesome it is It actually is. Then, realizing that you can attack the world In a completely different way, because you were lucky enough Born during this era.

Lesson#4: Know your destination (Simon Sinek)

– Imagine we’re standing in a big empty room, right?

We stand one corner, and I give you a simple instruction.

I want you to go to this corner in a straight line, right?

Whoever you go, no big deal, right?

Without letting you know, I slide a chair in front of you. what do you work?

You go around the chair.

Now, you just disobeyed what I told you to do, I told you to go to that straight-angled line.

But this amazing thing about humans, It is when we give a clear destination ….We use our creativity and our own sense of innovation And our ability to solve problems To overcome obstacles reach the destination.

In other words, the destination is more important Out of the way, right? We are flexible about the road. We’re obsessed with destination, re. We stand in the corner together and I give you Simple instructions, go somewhere in this room In a straight line.

And you tell me well where do you want me to go I’m like I dunno, you’re smart, figure it out.

Go in a straight line. So you pick a point and start walking, and without telling you to put a chair in front of you.

and what are you doing?

You come to stop grinding. I say, what have you stopped for?

Well, I put a chair in front of me. Or, you have to make a sudden turn and go in another direction.

This is the problem, it’s the same glitch. The difference is when you have a clear destination, Obstacles become easy to overcome, When you don’t have a clear destination Continue to pause when grinding And what we do in our companies, We count the steps we take along the way, But we never look at the destination, do we?

So says a company that made a million dollars this year, We are only planning to make $ 800,000.

It’s like, we took ten steps, we were just planning Take eight. where are you going?

No idea, right?

We count the steps.

Hence, the point is, people want to feel This effort they are making Actually moving somewhere.

Thus, successful measurement, successful recognition. It’s not just the steps you take. It is not just the effort , it is the effort you made us closer to where we were trying to get to. This is what should be some ideal My ideal is to live in a world in the vast majority of people wake up every morning, You know, I’m inspired to go to work They are achieved through the work that they do.

And a pair of the measurements that I use Is if the book is selling, by the way, People ask me how many I’ve sold, I have no idea, I’ve never asked for a publisher because I don’t care. I really don’t care how much you sold. I care about amazon and that these Going steadily, or up, not landing, Because that means other people, because I don’t You have publicity, I don’t have a marketing strategy On purpose.

I did not hire one of those companies to sell the book to me The reason is, it is because I am not interested In book sales. I am interested in spreading an idea. So I’m just using that as a metric to help me understand I’m kind of marching in, because the more I preach, Is it an resonating, you know?

And so you have two perfect measurements That helps you understand you are going along the way. So it’s not just a big effort, see what you’ve achieved, Because that is what we do now, right?

Our goal is to increase top-line revenues $50 million dollars For any reason, right?

Which is, we have to know the destination, then we say amazing, Took us closer And if we go to the right, This is because we were overcoming an obstacle. If we don’t go to the right, We were stuck forever.

Thank you, you know that isn’t always straight lines.

It’s not always straight lines, but it’s one-way. She pulls the reeds.

Lesson#5: Enjoy life! (Jack Mah)

– Not sure about that in the future, I think I will Dictate I’ll be stupid, that’s why I have to retire early When I am young This is why I have so many dream things that I want to do, I want to do good I want to be a teacher, I want to go back to school, I want to do the environment. The world is so wonderful Why do we have to sea Ali Baba all the time?

I’m coming into this world, not for work, I want to come to this world to enjoy my life.

I don’t want to die in my office, I want to die on the beaches.

What did you learn from these 5 lessons… go live your life powerfully!

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