How Does the Prageru System Help Boost Self Esteem?

If you are a parent with kids, one of the most important tools you can use in your parenting to help them have a better self esteem is to teach them about the power of positive thinking. Prageru is an iPhone application that allows you to make positive affirmations. When you do this you put your thoughts and feelings on the screen. You can also record these thoughts for later review. With the millions of books, articles, and audios available today on how to build self esteem, this tool could be the next best thing to having a personal coach.

The Prageru Self-Esteem Scale is a very effective tool to improve self esteem. The scale is designed to evaluate your level of self-esteem and to give you suggestions for improving your self esteem. When you are on this scale and you are asked to rate yourself on a scale from “I’m very satisfied with my life” to “My life is unhappy and I would change it.” you can see how you are doing and then you can make some positive changes.

The key to using Prageru is to make your self esteem better every day. As you make better choices, you will feel better about yourself. You might be surprised by the increase in self-esteem. This tool teaches self-esteem through positive reinforcement. It uses the concept of wanting to improve something more than you have to get better results. To do this, you have to give up some things you don’t like about your life.

When you make these changes, you might not immediately notice an improvement. This is because habits are not really changed but improved. As you keep doing these things, your self esteem gradually improves. The better you feel about yourself, the better you can deal with the little things in life. Once you reach a certain point, your life will seem like a whole new adventure.

The biggest part of the Prageru program is to find your own goals and write them down. Then, you can talk to yourself in the mirror about what you have written in your goals. Use visualization techniques to make your goals come alive. When you focus on your goals in this way, your self-esteem goes up.

You might be surprised at what a difference it makes when you can stop focusing on negative things. A lot of the time, we tend to dwell on our weaknesses. We spend time thinking about what could go wrong or what could go right. We rarely spend time thinking about our strengths. It is very easy to let your self esteem take a hit when you get so wrapped up in thinking about the negatives. That is why this system is so useful.

Another way that the Prageru program helps you boost your self-esteem is to keep lists of the things you have done that made you succeed. Many of us have lists of good things we have done, but we rarely look at them. We let the bad things overshadow the good ones. When you focus on your successes, your self-esteem goes up. When you focus on the things you haven’t done, you feel bad about yourself.

Finally, there are exercises to help you increase your self esteem. These exercises aren’t anything more than you do them every day. They will help you become more comfortable with yourself in different situations. When you are more at ease with yourself, you are more apt to be successful. If you don’t feel comfortable in many situations, you won’t achieve the goals you want to.

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