Importance of Setting Goals for Your Wellness Professional Practice

List of goals to set for yourself will lead you to achieve those goals faster than you can think. Goals are nothing but the reasons why you wish to do something consistently and strive to accomplish something, for instance a marathon. Your goal is always to complete the race within 2 hours and forty-five minutes, … Read more

6 Pillars of Self Esteem

If you are suffering from a low self esteem, there are definitely ways for you to build it up again. It is possible to do this even if you have been the victim of some harsh criticism or judgment. The first thing that you need to do is accept your mist..

Why Use Self Esteem Lyrics?

A while ago a friend asked me what my self esteem was like. She’d come to see me after seeing “The Dark Half”. She related what she saw in the movie to what she had been going through in her own life. She mentioned the line from that movie, “What you r..

Self Esteem Ted Talk

Developing a better self esteem is the number one goal of The Self-Esteem Project. Unfortunately for some people, building this self esteem will prove to be a lifetime challenge. It’s either they stay stuck in negative self-talk or else they learn how ..