Self Esteem Ted Talk

Developing a better self esteem is the number one goal of The Self-Esteem Project. Unfortunately for some people, building this self esteem will prove to be a lifetime challenge. It’s either they stay stuck in negative self-talk or else they learn how to change it. That’s why The Self Esteem Project was created. Here are the three steps we believe you need to take to build your self esteem.

First, learn all you can about how others feel when you make a mistake. When we make mistakes, our self-esteem often suffers for it. Be completely honest with yourself about what happened so you can fix it. This is an honest assessment. Be prepared to take criticism, even when it’s deserved.

Second, examine all that you have achieved in the past. You need to feel proud of yourself. Be analytical about what you’ve done. Think about what you’ve learned from these experiences and how you can apply it to your future goals. The more you think about your past successes, the more you will grow as an individual.

Third, learn to love yourself. The Self-Esteem Project teaches you to love and respect yourself. Without it, your self esteem will naturally be low. So you need to get clear about how you value yourself. Then the love you feel will spread to others.

We all know talking is part of communication. We use it to communicate everything from our plans to the way we feel about ourselves. But did you know that talking actually loses you some of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones? The truth is that people give up too soon when they have bad experiences with someone they are involved with. So if you want to make lasting changes, learn to talk in an encouraging, non-judgmental way.

Fourth, be patient. Developing a healthy self esteem takes time. Don’t expect quick results because nothing worthwhile takes place overnight, and even in the case of personal growth, takes a little effort and patience.

Fifth, practice the good behaviors that build self esteem consistently. For example, putting yourself first before your family and friends is a good way to build self esteem. Committing to a daily exercise regime is another. Having a positive attitude is also important.

Finally, learn to be happy. You can’t fake happiness. If you are miserable all the time, you will lose any real opportunities for improving your life. So find some positive things to be happy about and practice feeling good about them. The more you do that, the more you will improve your self esteem. Be consistent, and before long you will see changes in your behavior and self-esteem.

You may be wondering what the relevance of this is. Why should I listen to The Self Esteem ted Talk? Well, for starters, you will be making a strong commitment to yourself. By following through on that commitment, you will gain self-confidence that will serve you well in every area of your life.

Then there’s the other benefit. Once you have developed a healthy self esteem, people will be more likely to want to be with you. And, that leads to… Well, then there’s the whole “where do you think all those people go?” question.

In this talk, we pointed out how self-confidence can be a motivational tool, that when built properly, can lead to happiness, peace and prosperity. But, did you know that self-esteem can also lead to success? Yes! There are folks who have had everything they wanted – a loving relationship, the perfect job, the perfect house, etc., but have been unable to achieve it because of a low self esteem. They ignored their own self talk.

The Self Esteem ted Talk program teaches you how to listen to yourself talk and then to work on building it. And while there are many who might give you skeptical sounds or even sneer at the title, they’re missing out on a very rich experience and a great opportunity to help themselves. Self-esteem is a wonderful gift to give yourself and to others. It is something that we should all strive for – and with this program, you can make that goal come true.

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