What Are Some Factors That Determine Self Discipline

Self discipline is a method or system of action that is guided to be according to a certain system of rule. Self discipline is commonly applied in regulating animal and human behavior in its social or biological environment or its natural habitat it actually belongs to. It is the set of rules and guidelines that one follows to control and direct his or her life so that it would lead a healthy and peaceful life. To live and to maintain the life that one wants and deserve in a healthy way, one must have some discipline in life.

There are various factors that are involved in the formulation of a person’s self-discipline. These include the beliefs of a person and the behavior that he or she practices. One can also look upon the environment of the person for the kind of self-discipline that he or she actually has. Here are some of the main factors that determine the kind of self-discipline a person has:

The behavior of a person is determined by the way he/she thinks about himself and his/her actions. A person’s thoughts determine his/her behavior. There are times when a person may act differently from what he or she thinks to be right and wrong. For example, if a person believes that they are superior to everyone else then they will try to behave like one. They will try to do things that will show their superiority. On the other hand, if a person believes that they are inferior to all people then they will act like everyone else. This kind of self-discipline can actually be dangerous because it can easily lead to an argument or two.

Some people may not have all the characteristics or personality traits of a person that has these qualities. When there are not any traits that are present, it becomes really difficult to control a person’s behavior. It can be a very difficult task especially for the one who has little understanding or little knowledge on this subject matter. If there are no limits then a person might try to do everything that he or she can in order to achieve the results that he or she wants.

If a person is not willing to accept the fact that they have a certain behavior, he or she may not accept the fact that their behaviors are not good. There are times when a person may act out of spite and anger, because of something that they feel they have done wrong. Another reason why a person might not be able to accept their bad behavior is because they have been hurt, offended by somebody else or hurt, someone’s authority. All these reasons can affect a person’s self-discipline. All these situations will lead to hurt feelings. Hurt feelings lead to a person’s inability to accept others and to have the ability to control their own self. Even if someone is capable of making reasonable decisions, they still cannot do so due to their hurt feelings.

Self-discipline does not only come from accepting yourself as you are but also from being responsible for what you do not do. To control the way you act and behave you have to accept your part of the responsibility. If you accept your responsibility then you will know where you messed up and will have no reason to complain. If you let yourself go and act out of spite you will make a lot of trouble in your life and can even cause more harm to yourself. There are times when you might have to take responsibility for the actions you do and there are also times when you have to face those mistakes and do better.

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