A Book Review on “Dove Self Esteem”

“Dove Self Esteem: Making You Feel Good and Seeing the Good in Everyone and Everything” by Steven Universe is the third book in the Steven Universe series. The first book, “Gems Break”, introduces us to Garnet, and the relationship she develops with Steven Universe. This latest book covers some of the more serious topics that we’ve come to expect from Steven Universe episodes. It’s not a light and easy read and contains many mature subject matter. If you’re looking for a positive outlook on life, this one might not be the best choice.

Although the main characters in the book are mostly kids, they deal with some adult issues as well. They are dealing with the loss of their mom and dad, feeling like they’ve grown up too fast, and being swept off of their feet by the beauty of the new world they’ve found – but all that growth doesn’t seem to make things better. Things seem to be going in a never-ending circle.

Garnet is constantly trying to prove herself to herself, and is always trying to get better at things. She’s also very self-conscious about her physical appearance and worries about her looks. She wants to look better, but doesn’t know how or what to do. “Dove Self Esteem” gives some insight into the things that makes her feel good about herself and how to build up her self esteem.

The book is written in a very calm and casual tone. Although there are quite a few swear words included, they are meant to be funny, and not taken seriously. There are many examples throughout the book of how people are praised for their intelligence, looks, talent, and ability, and for “doodling” or wasting time. However, they are not punished for doing these things.

In this book, she encourages readers to let go of trying so hard to be perfect and to instead just be themselves. “Dove Self Esteem” encourages readers to read by themselves in the mirror and to feel good about what they see. It doesn’t matter what you look like, or how much money you make. Everyone was created equally. Everyone has the potential to do great things if they only believe.

What I liked about “Dove Self Esteem” was that it didn’t seem to put down or criticize. It didn’t mention specific diets, and it didn’t talk about exercising. The message seemed to be more about feeling good about who you are, and knowing and accepting yourself for who you are. In fact, it was very easy to read! It was written in a very simple, easy to understand way, and the information was timeless.

Throughout the book, various quotes are cited to show how important it is to feel good about who we are. “The Law of Success” tells us that we all have a choice, and that there’s no reason to feel bad about ourselves. It also talks about appreciating your blessings and talents, and even lists a few “feel good” quotes like those from classic movies. There are many other bits of advice as well. Some of them are practical (like telling you how to get motivated), while others inspire us to take action and think strategically.

Overall, this is a great book on self-esteem and one that I would definitely recommend to anyone who might be having some difficulties. It’s an easy read and provides lots of practical advice. It’s also full of fun and contains many examples of real people who are a great example of how to feel great about who you are. If you are struggling with self-esteem, this book can help you to feel better about yourself and to do even greater things.

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